Sunday, June 17, 2007

Drew Wattles is a Rock Star

Vincent Sanchez and Drew Wattles.

Last Sunday I worked all day as camera op for a short sci-fi piece that Drew Wattles is directing and producing. Now, Drew kicks ass as a person, and since he's always busted his ass for me on any of my shoots, it's only fair that I return the favor should he need it. Add into the equation that a number of people that Drew's worked with lately have given him the short shrift (as though they went above and beyond the call of TAKING ADVANTAGE of Drew), and I'm a bit upset with a number of people in Boise's "film community" - Ayn Rand called these people, "looters", and I'm not sure I disagree with her. But aside from the social evil that has infected some people around here, this is a post about why Drew's a rock star:

Drew's a rock star because he's dumping everything we shot on Sunday in the trash bin in order to re-shoot and get the footage, performance, etc., that he wants. Too many people around here are 80% people - people who give 80% (or less) and tell everyone else they're giving 100%.

I HATE 80%-ers. Now, that's not to say I'm perfect; we all have our 80% moments. But on a film project, 80%-ers drive me up the wall.

Drew ain't no 80%-er.


Boise Filmmakers. No Tourists.

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PirateTrash said...

Who has been takin' advantage of Drew!! Why, I'll murderize the bums! Le'me at 'em!... le'me at em!!