Friday, December 07, 2007

Boise Filmmakers group on Facebook

So, Brandon Freeman here, frequent reader, not-so-frequent poster. Just wanted to let folks know that I've created a Boise Filmmakers group (unthinkingly giving it the same name as this blog) on Facebook. It's open, you don't have to be connected to any network. But, if anybody acts "unfilmingly", you'll get booted. :)

So, if you're not on Facebook, get on, if you are, sign in and search for "Boise Filmmakers".

It in no way is in competition with the new Boise Micro-Cinema site, is just another avenue that I figure is a little unique in the fact that it's a networking group within a networking website. Thus, no posting of phone numbers or even e-mails are required -- just post where you're interested in helping out, or where you've got a project you want help with, and anyone who sees it will already be on Facebook, thus they just click your name, pull up your page, and send you a message or write on your wall.

If you're interested...I'd love to have you. You can also upload videos and pictures -- it's pretty sweet.