Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010 is in the Archives, Baby.

This is what I worked on in 2010:

- Finished Vagabond Lane and showed it to a modest crowd.
- Wrote a script called Despair, ID - which would end up being a movie called Thirty Proof Coil.
- Blind emailed Calico Cooper a pitch to play the lead - sight unseen - in Thirty Proof Coil. She accepted and my jaw hit the floor.
- Participated in i48 2010, not being very excited about the whole thing. I don't know if I'll be playing in 2011, but then again...
- Spent a week in New Plymouth, Idaho directing Thirty Proof Coil with some really cool people.
- Edited Thirty Proof Coil for four months. It's a dang good movie, if I say so myself.
- Wrote two feature scripts in October and November: The Nihilists (Part One) - which is a story about how two people are going to change the world in spite of itself; and Coffee Shop Bebop - the episodic tale of a Coffee Shop and the stories that occur therein. The nice thing about Coffee Shop Bebop is that it marks the first time I've collaborated with my fourteen-year-old daughter, Ashley. She's a fine writer - just ask Andrew Ellis, who is going to produce/direct the series over the first third of 2011.
- Produced the Idaho Short Film Program KURZE HOSEN 2010 - a collection of Idaho short films by Idaho filmmakers. We played at The Flicks to a modest crowd that ensured we'd think about doing a 2011 version... perhaps.
- Wrote the SPF 2 Directors Challenges - which are all about directors being challenged. Clam City Pictures has won twice in a row.
- Started a neo-noir crime story that I'm almost finished writing.

Things we lost in the fire-sale of 2010:
- the Idaho International Film Festival is dead.
- Silverdraft Studios never really got off the ground and - by all accounts - is dead.
- a number of film making acquaintances have left me feeling a bit like Charlie Brown on Valentine's Day, but I suppose that's the nature of all things. I have made new friends, and don't lament not being invited to certain parties anymore. Much.
- Walking to Jungo was going to be shot in August of 2010, but Thirty Proof Coil demanded too much looking after, so that massive undertaking has been put on indefinite hold for the time being.

That's that, I suppose. I'll try and post more often in 2011. Who knows... perhaps someone might read this as well... =)