Saturday, June 23, 2007

online video might pay?

Found this over at

"tv360 is a creator and service provider of Internet TV Channels, Internet TV Programming and Internet TV Applications. tv360 owns and operates two Internet TV Channels ( and, which were launched in January 2007 and are syndicated to media companies, portals, websites, blogs, cable stations and other video-centric outlets. By year-end, tv360 plans to own and operate a total of twenty (20) Internet TV Channels. Each "real channel" consists of hi-quality, entertaining videos which are produced by people like you. tv360's Freelance Video Maker Network ("FN") is growing rapidly. It consists of a worldwide database of part and full time professional filmmakers, amateur / hobby video makers, and production companies. No matter where you live, whether your prior videos have premiered on primetime TV or YouTube, being a part of the tv360 FN offers an opportunity for you to earn money making videos. In addition, we provide a showcase for your videos to be viewed by the producers, directors and executives at major TV networks like ABC, and media companies like AOL. Since our launch, tv360 has paid over two hundred thousand dollars to the makers of our videos. Because of the demand for our content, the expansion of our channels, and the success of our brand, we expect that number to scale into the many millions. If you are talented, eager, and would like us to pay you for your videos to been seen on TV, cable and web outlets, then submit an application to join our network of freelance filmmakers. You will then be given all the documentation you need in order to get started. That are no hidden costs, phantom advertising splits, or long term contracts to sign. It's simple. You make short videos. tv360 pays you for them. NOTE: Because of the high-volume of applicants, tv360 cannot accept resumes or video reels via email. To handle the high-volume of applicants, we have constructed an online application form. YOUR INFORMATION WILL NOT BE SHARED. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE SPAM FROM US. tv360 Freelancer Application can be accessed at "

Got me to thinking that there is a whole bunch of content in the Boise area...


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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Go Drew!!

Drew... keep up the great work!! I think you and I have spoken (briefly at least) about our shared interest in sci-fi... Drew if you've got a sci-fi going and you need/want assistance... you know I would love to help!! and don't forget about the myriad of post production and prop possibilities I bring to the table either!!! Good luck Drew!! and keep in touch Bryan.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Drew Wattles is a Rock Star

Vincent Sanchez and Drew Wattles.

Last Sunday I worked all day as camera op for a short sci-fi piece that Drew Wattles is directing and producing. Now, Drew kicks ass as a person, and since he's always busted his ass for me on any of my shoots, it's only fair that I return the favor should he need it. Add into the equation that a number of people that Drew's worked with lately have given him the short shrift (as though they went above and beyond the call of TAKING ADVANTAGE of Drew), and I'm a bit upset with a number of people in Boise's "film community" - Ayn Rand called these people, "looters", and I'm not sure I disagree with her. But aside from the social evil that has infected some people around here, this is a post about why Drew's a rock star:

Drew's a rock star because he's dumping everything we shot on Sunday in the trash bin in order to re-shoot and get the footage, performance, etc., that he wants. Too many people around here are 80% people - people who give 80% (or less) and tell everyone else they're giving 100%.

I HATE 80%-ers. Now, that's not to say I'm perfect; we all have our 80% moments. But on a film project, 80%-ers drive me up the wall.

Drew ain't no 80%-er.


Boise Filmmakers. No Tourists.