Thursday, January 24, 2008

Behind the scenes of "I Am Henry"

Hey, I'm the screenwriter, so I don't get wet. Often. Check out the pics and their coolness.

Tate's first leap into the pool. Thomas Lewis records underwater; Tyler Neissinger assists; Marlow snaps picks.

While it does look like Tate's doing a line of measuring tape up his nose, the reality is that, since there is no video assist with the underwater camera package, Thomas and Tyler have to measure the distance of each shot, set the appropriate settings on the camera, and then shoot blind.
This leads to much planning, many takes, and a lot of time in the water. Fortunately, Thomas' pool is heated by the 160 degree geothermal underground river that runs through Boise.

Shooting underwater has more problems than one might think of in pre-production, and you never really know what to expect until you try it. For example, notice in the above pic: Tyler has to weigh down Thomas, keep Thomas from floating away (Tate's swiming causes waves; bodies like to drift on waves), AND keep Thomas' snorkel from dipping underwater. Tate's wardrobe suffered as well: notice it billowing up around him under the water.

Every time Tate hit the water, it put stress on the blue shirt. After discussion, we decided that Lana should saftey pin the shirt to his pants, but that only prevented a big air-bubble from escaping, causing a 12-inch tear in the back of the shirt. Oops.

(notice Thomas floating face down in the background. He's a little tired by this time...)

Marlow was cook for the day. People were hungry. Food was eaten. Yay.

Boise Filmmakers. No Tourists.