Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Am Henry.

Photos from current collaboration between Thomas Lewis and I, I Am Henry.

Cast: Tate S. McCullough and Erin Van Engelen

Crew: C. Thomas Lewis, Brad Smith, Tyler Neisinger, Kim Barker, Drew Wattles, Annie Cosho, Andrew Ellis, Nathan Snyder, Lana Roberts, Jim Van Dam, Will Schmeckpeper.
Synopsis: I Am Henry tells the story of a man who has spent the last two years of his life in relative isolation, recalling his past relationship with Mary, his one true love. Set in a dystopian near-future America, Henry's isolation and his obsession over his relationship with Mary cause him to project his imaginings into the media that permeate his life: radio, television, mail, and even foreign language lessons on tape. Ultimately, Henry confronts the likely fate of Mary. All the while, Henry is observed by unseen helicopters, a ghost with a smile, and a goldfish named Hubert. Directed by C. Thomas Lewis. Written by Will Schmeckpeper and C. Thomas Lewis. Starring Tate S. McCullough and Erin Van Engelen. Running time: 29 minutes (est.).