Monday, September 15, 2008


Started looking around the world on Googlemaps the other day and relived my "lost in Nevada" trip to Burning Man 1998. A fine three days were spent there (wish it had been more), and with the price of BM tickets any more ($250!? Are you kidding?) as well as gas and everything else, I probably won't be going back there any time soon without sponsorship...
Yet, I digress.

On that trip in a large, fully-loaded 12 person van weighed down with a functioning 12-foot high trebuchet (!), while the Angry Hippie / Bi-sexual / Feminazi played the role of Copernicus; while Theo ground out of reality on a couple of psylocybin caps; while I mentally disappeared into the vistas of the desert as they passed, I, speaking into my mini-cassette tape recorder (suddenly I realize where that device had disappeared to, as the Feminazi took umbrage to a number of my recorded comments; alas, the recorder was destined to fall off the earth, wasn't it...) sagebrush, sagebrush, sagebrush... ; and while the Disgruntled Stoner Yet Horny Hippie Who Would Fail In Landing The Feminazi rode shotgun and roasted in the 100 degree sun and talked about all things inaccessible, if only to get into the hairy leggings of the Feminazi; as the sun was setting only an hour after taking the Untravelled Shortcut out of Winnimuca, why oh why did the shadow not fall behind us as we headed west toward desert craziness, but to our port side?

Alas, Copernicus Bi-sexualius Angrius took a wrong left at the Q-shapped sagebrush bush, delaying our arrival at the Black Rock Desert by five hours.
Re-living that journey, I took the opportunity to view the desert from the spy satellite view and see just where we went wrong when I came across JUNGO:

Interested, I Googled some more and came across this Wiki:

Which houses this pic:

And now I know what to do for the current script I've been sweating bullets over for the last month when I should have been editing that two-year-old movie of mine...