Friday, March 20, 2009

Update While I Wait For Rendering...

So I've been sinking three weeks into the same 3.5 minute scene on Vagabond Lane, and I notice that I've been sitting with my head in the box for roughly 8 hours tonight, and I notice that I have to be up in two hours, so... yeah. Figured I'd blog about stuff while I wait for my latest stab at compositing multiple images to render.

It seems that the unemployed discover the public library about 2 years into their unemployment - depending upon the financial support they get from their significant other and whether or not they have cable/satellite TV. At least, that's the boat I'm in, as I've found joy and treasure at the branches of the Boise and Nampa public libraries. Specifically: DVD collections that most video rental stores don't have. And Redbox? Convenient as heck, but don't try to watch anything more than six months old... However, the DVD's at the local library do leave some things to be desired: anything "popular" has a good shot at being scratched. No biggie for me, since most all the movies in the library are quite old (non-fiction titles being the exception). BUT! Foreign films are generally in pristine condition, and there's a sizable number of titles. Just this week I've enjoyed Run Lola Run, Stalker, The Red Shoes, and Dark Water (Japanese Version) - with no skipping or annoyances (other than a lot of reading going on). If you're a fan of the foreign film and don't like waiting for the Netflix queue to catch up with that Lars von Trier flick, go hit the library.

Speaking of Stalker, I'd watched this movie years ago on a bunk VHS copy, and I must say that digital makes all the difference. At just under three hours in length, Stalker is a test for the viewer - but one that pays off in spades. I'd forgotten how much this film influenced me in subtle little ways. Nice bit of film school, this Soviet-era flick is.

I'm eagerly anticipating the filming of the next A 'n' W production. Andrew calls it my, "European art film" - which is as good as any description, I suppose. Working title is Sunyata: The Space Between Leaves which - if you have any Buddhist inclinations - you'd understand completely. However, since most people reading this blog are more than likely poorly versed in their Buddhist philosophy (myself included), I'll throw down a brief definition:

"Sunyata, meaning "Emptiness" or "Voidness", is a characteristic of phenomena arising from the fact (as observed and taught by the Buddha) that the impermanent nature of form means that nothing possesses essential, enduring identity. In the Buddha's spiritual teaching, insight into the emptiness of phenomena is an aspect of the cultivation of insight that leads to wisdom and inner peace."

So... yeah. I'm dipping my camera into the void on this one.

Click. The clock just turned 4.00 am, and my render is complete. More blog later.