Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"I wish the kaiser were back..."

Sorry, but the title was the last line of dialogue I heard coming out of the television set. Today I checked out four movies from the Nampa Public Library: Run Lola Run, Key Largo, Dark Water (Japanese version), and Cabaret. First thing I think of while watching Cabaret is, "Hmm. Yep. Bob Fosse did direct this," followed quickly by, "Liza Minnelli. What the hell happened to her..."

Well duh.

But, I mean... aside from the alcohol, drugs, partying, sex, over-eating, and rampant debauchery, I mean... jeez.

What the hell happened to Liza?

Other stuff: Vagabond Lane is kicking my ass yet again. How much? Well, as my daughter and I figured it today, yesterday I spent 14 hours compositing flames into a flame-less scene. A flame-less three second scene. I'm starting to understand why the SFX guys on Lord of the Rings were sleeping at the studio during those last thirty days or so...

The Oscars happened a couple weeks ago, and I thought it was a great broadcast. Liked the five previous winners doing the introductions for the actor categories, liked Hugh Jackman (although he seemed to disappear for long periods of time, making me wonder, "Hmm... do the Oscars really need a host after all?"), hated the Baz Luhrman directed music montage of confusion and weirdness (although Beyonce looked dang good), missed Jack, and really, really thought it sucked that Sean Penn won Best Actor over Mickey Rourke - and then thought Mr. Penn was very classy about the whole thing.

Speaking of The Wrestler, I think Darren Aronofsky is one of the lead dogs on the sled team, along with Fincher and Boyle - all-in-all, it's a great time to watch movies.

...but there's still a bunch of Beverly Hills Chihuahua's being made out there, and for crying out loud... REALLY? I know five people that could make brilliant movies IN BOISE for 1/100th the amount of cash Hollywood spent on the animators for BHC, and yet they can't get anyone to look at them because... because...

Because 1) they live in Boise; 2) they didn't go to a California film school to schmooze with the other filmmakers; 3)they didn't come from a rich family; 4)they don't have an agent; 5)they don't have a manager to help them get an agent;6) they don't have a chance.

Depressed now.

Vagabond Lane is pretty good. I hope to finish it soon.