Thursday, May 24, 2007

You mean films are made in Boise, Idaho??

I like making movies... I like telling stories. That is why I chose to be a film maker. Boise is a great place to be to make movies too... To tell you a bit about myself, I started out recording sound for bands and playing music myself. I toured with several bands and then decided the constant travel was deterimental to family life. I have always been a filmmaker though. I have done or worked with others on a total of 14 music videos and several films in southern Utah before I ever found myself in Boise. I worked for KSL television as cameraman and sound mixer while trying to write my first original "good" screenplay. Friends of mine have made a go of it in LA and done okay(they are not rich by any means.) I have been writing and directing and shooting films since I was very young... This will reveal my geeky side when I tell you that the first full length (2 hour) movie I ever worked on was a prequel to star wars(yes we filmed our own version of what we thought needed to be in episode 2 of star wars back in 1985!!) I won't say our SW flick was good, but for a bunch of kids and a camcorder it turned out pretty awesome back in 1985!!! Making films that sell and making a living on them is a difficult venture. Without a lot of money to back you up front and to give you some clout with the studios and theatres you would like to release in it is difficult to get their attention, and that is even before you add to the equation that you as a writer or director have a vision and a story you want told. I believe in quality of production and of story line. I am not only a filmmaker/editor but also have my hands in colorist work and in special effects(CG and practical) There are good things happening in filmmaking around Boise(many of which recieve very little press) and I very much enjoy being a part of that. I would like anyone who considers a film in Boise to remember that Boise has a lot to offer. In my opinion the challenge in a film is bringing the vision and story to the screen in a way that will impress and draw viewers. Just to comment on the i48 observations briefly, i48 was disappointing to me as I saw many films that I felt more deserving of the "best of" than those that made it. Mine(like everyones) is a subjective opinion but I hope that people who make a difference to our filmmaking future in Boise will NOT think that i48 "best of" is representative of Boise, but only of the tastes of those who judged i48. I have attended 48 hour festivals elsewhere that blew my mind as far as quality and story telling go, it would be nice if we had that quality in i48 but I suspect it has more to do with a) how the judges view what is quality and b) the participants and how they chose to represent themselves. IE when quality is rewarded it raises the bar but only if said quality fits the tastes of those who have the power to reward... Whether that be i48 or a big studio... I will continue to make films because that is what I enjoy and because I have stories begging to be told and for no other reason!! If I make my living at it some day that will be nice. If you are a fellow filmmaker, let me know how I can help you... If you are an investor looking to invest give us a chance and let's talk!!!

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AARD7ARK said...

Hmm. Intersting post, Brian. You might want to let people know who you are in some specifics, but yeah, this is a place where Boise Filmmakers are invited to tell their stories.