Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 August 2011

Been awhile. Updating the world as to my progress climbing this mud-hill called indie filmmaking.

- Showed Thirty Proof Coil to an entheusiastic crowd on 9 July 2011. Calico Cooper and her friend Tiffany Lowe came into town and proceeded to raise hell, anarchy, and hemlines.

- Received two negative reviews about TPC; one by some asshole that thinks Ernest Saves The World is the best movie ever. Go fuck yourself Eric Scott Morrison. You have the time and energy to run down my modest $4K movie, let's see what you've ever created and sent out into the world, douchebag. Seriously. GO. FUCK. YOURSELF.

- Got a little bitter about some douchebag's review. I'll get over it eventually.

- Landed a gig editing a documentary for a company that has told me they can't pay me. Aweseome. I've got plenty of my own free projects I can work on, thanks.

- Speaking of gigs, Andrew Ellis and I are the soon-to-be receipients of an Idaho Film Grant, which will help us fund the shooting of our new film Honor Among Thieves. Which I should be revising instead of updating this blog.

- My daughter took tenth place in the nation for her National History Day project junior division documentary. How many other projects were involved? Around 20,000. Way to go, Roo!

- I have scripts laying on the table waiting to be transcribed into the computer. I really need an agent. Go figure, I've been saying this since I was seventeen. Perhaps that writing on the wall won't get any clearer.

- Bagel Shop Bebop has been a resounding success for a webisode; I should be editing the latest editions instead of updating this blog.

- My "Best Ever Albums" book of reviews is almost half completed. Yay!

- My script The Troupe is in local production with an estimated budget of HOLY SHIT! Yeah, I can't talk about it, but it's more than ten bucks.

- I will be a judge for the H48 - the adult, Halloween version of I48. That's right, blame me.

- I have since started watching Netflix streaming, and have decided it's like crack cocaine for filmmakers.

- We had a cheap BluRay player for almost a month before actually watching a BluRay disc on it. What was it? The special features for Blade Runner, of course.

- Feeling anxious; ready to shoot Honor Among Thieves in four weeks. Did I mention I need to finish the script re-write?

Best of luck to all area filmmakers, and remember: when Eric Scott Morrison disses your film, TELL HIM TO GO FUCK HIMSELF!!!


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