Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Vagabond Lane News

So, apparently there's something to this whole, "be careful when you update your software" - type thing.
Long and short of it: an important project file for Vagabond Lane up and became corrupted on me this week. It's not an Extinction Level Event for the film by any means, but it does make a longer trip out of a short one. Fortunately, the video lock is A-OK. Unfortunately, the audio build-up that was in that project file is DOA.

End result? All the audio tracks have to be rebuilt, and I better hope I'm happy with the video edit I have, 'cuz changes will mean a complete re-build.


At least I have enough of the film locked and saved in different files that this isn't going to be too much of a set-back (as if it already wasn't a year late and several dollars short...), but still... I was hoping to be done with this darn thing this month.


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