Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Season For Brooding

Background: Two years ago, Andrew Ellis and I sponsored a project that was supposed to be a lot like Le Divan Vert - give local indie filmmakers the opportunity to shoot a short film that would be woven into a feature film via the use of a "frame tale." This isn't anything new: back in the day this was done often, with films like Creepshow and Cat's Eye.

We figured, "heck, let's do the formula again and see what happens."
Of course, we both happened to forget that Le Divan Vert ended up falling (mostly) in our own hands, due to a number of the directors/producers we'd approached choosing to pull out of the project. Which, upon reflection, might have left us better off on this project.

Without naming names, three of the directors ended up bailing on the project for various reasons. That's not so good, considering that we only had four directors for the project, and the fourth was Andrew and I, directing the frame tale that would encompass three, "tales of horror and terror."


Well, after two years and bruised egos all around, Andrew and I are finally finishing this albatross. We've added another short film - Rasalom - (written by Yours Truly; directed by Andrew Ellis; shot by noted cinematographer C. Thomas Lewis (whom I've been working with on I Am Henry); staring Tate S. McCullough and Lana Roberts) and shot the frame tale in a whopping seven hours - including a break for Chinese food at the wonderful Twin Dragon in downtown Boise.
What a pain in the tuckus, but it should be interesting to see - after all this time has passed - what we ended up with. As Vagabond Lane has been my personal albatross film, so too has Season For Brooding (a title lifted from a Hungry Ghost tune) hung around Andrew's neck.

Photos from last weekend's shoot courtesy of Jim Van Dam.

Boise Filmmakers. No Tourists.


TDO said...

Is this the one that's going to include "Heaven's a Dark Place," the one we shot in that abandoned house?

AARD7ARK said...

Yep. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...


TDO said...

Well, let me know when it's showing somewhere. I'd like to see it.