Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bruce Campbell is the Patron Saint of Indie Filmmaking.

Bruce enjoying some quality reading.

Since starting this whole... film thing... five or so years ago with Ellis, there have been a few icons that rose to the top of the reading and video pile time and again:

Robert Rodriguez

Quentin Tarantino

Sam Raimi

Roger Corman

Russ Meyer

Lloyd Kaufman

But none of them keep resurfacing as often as Bruce Campbell. Having loved reading his first book, If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Actor, one of the things that's always irked me is the serious lack of interview material the guy does (and he does a lot, just not enough for me to milk for hours on end...). But now, thanks to, tons of his stuff is available (copyright be damned, I'm sure). The first place to start in my mind, however, is the Dinner For Five episode that also included Roger Corman(!) and Rob Zombie (!).

(it's broken up into three sections and the video quality sucks, but screw it... it's free.)

After that everything is icing on the cake when it comes to a youtube "Bruce Campbell" search.

Oh. Why do we keep coming back to Bruce? Not 'cuz he's the best actor in the world, but because he freakin' gets it - and hasn't forgotten what it was like to be where many of us are right now.


Real Filmmakers. No Tourists.

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AHansen said...

The thing I like about Bruce is that he doesn't take himself seriously. He's not there yelling, "you know who I am? I'm Bruce Campbell!" He just goes out, does his job, and has a blast. Just look at the Old Spice commercials. Hot damn. Best ad campaign in the last eon. Hands down.